sigh – Brash, Joyce, same old same old

What a morning. Hard frost, clear sky, the house starting to cook….. The turkeys are meandering down in the picknic ground, the goat didn’t get tangled so he got to his hutch and survived the frost. Chooks are being trained (kept in) today.

Just stumbled on the site of a fellow traveller, alle same thinky. Same list of projects/dreams, more or less. Pity, we were just up that way….

Brash – well, the boys needed Act (or something) to magnify the numbers. Hide was gone, so it made sense to use someone who might be acceptable to a wider echelon. Still a waste of time, given where we have to go as a society. Brash hasn’t a clue (he doesn’t even sound clever). There will always be folk like that, of course – what we need is for the majority to be able to see through them. Not so far…..

Joyce – well, same mantra, really. More highways, growth…. hell, we’re not going to be able to maintain what we already have, and there’s zero budget increase for that (I presume he presumes oil prices are irrelevant?) maintenance. One wonders what he made of the Parliamentary Peak Oil report? Too many words, perhaps.

This isn’t a ‘right wing / left wing’ thing – it’s simply a matter of realities now, addressing of same. We aren’t doing a very goods job.

Still – looks like being a good day. Better get on with it.

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