Bernard Hickey – that was brave.

A while ago now, I was looking for a way to spread the Peak Oil word. I’d been into Dene Mackenzie at the ODT, knowing in my heart of hearts that he would do nothing, indeed, would continue to reproduce opinions in the opposite vein.

Tried Homepaddock – the Nact Party South Island default blog to my way of thinking – but there was no thinking there, and it wasn’t going to do much, it needed to be a place where folk were capable of logic and debate.

Bernard Hickey stood out. I got the impression that he was economics trained (and only recently learned this is so) but that of all of them, he appeared to have the ability to appraise, and I quite admire the jump he made – it took balls.

Sure, there were going to be a residual of PI’s, as with society outside, but his blogsite seemed to be the place. That could have undermined his income – stream, which I sweated about at some length (me not being vulnerable, but capable of losing him his clientele, thus his advertising potential.

Oddly enough, there were others there (presumably before I visited the site) and others afterwards. It must be hard to ascertain that some of the things you’ve been taught (and unlimited replacement, exponentially and forever, is part of economics) are just plain wrong. Hard too, to speak up when you move in, and earn money from, the circles you’re questioning.

His article about Peak Oil, today, is stunningly brave. Sure, you can pick holes. Trying to judge the $ value of the very thing which underwrites the $ in the first place, is a stab at the impossible. Certainly beyond me, and I’ve been thinking about it for decades.

I’ve got no problem with folk who listen, question, and think it through. Indeed, I’ve called ‘mea culpa’, ‘fair cop’, and just plain ‘I got it wrong’, enought o know that it beats attempting to believe, or face-saving in the face of overwhemling contra-evidence.

As I said – it’s easy for me. I invested in where it’s going, as far as you can. For someone of a big-city economics background, whose income stream potential would be better without the intrusion, it takes a lot, lot more.

Well done, that man.


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