Nancy Blackett, Goblin, a blast from the past

When I was 8, I had the mumps. I read the first Swallows and Amazons book, and quickly devoured the rest. Then devoured them repeatedly until I was about 13. I still occasionally re-read ‘We Didn’t Mean to go to Sea”.

Nowadays, I realise what Ransome was doing – educating kids to life, adventure, and – particularly with Coot Club and Great Northern –  conservation. All done subliminally, or en route, as it were. Very clever, very clever indeed.

As that kid, I wanted a boat like Goblin, like nothing else – looked for her everywhere. I suspect my admiration for Titty, Port and Starboard, influenced my choice of life-partner, too (but not Susan – uggggghh!)

Today, casually surfing the net (it’s raining) I came across this:

Well, I’ll be danged. Good on ’em.

Without those books, I doubt we’d have done our year-long cruise as a family, wouldn’t have had half the fun we’ve had. Wouldn’t have joined Ishmael and Jaryd sailing a super-yacht back to NZ last year. Wouldn’t have been sitting on Rum Doodle last week, sipping shiraz in Torrent Bay. Wouldn’t have had the joy of the Paper-Tiger, and the folk around them. Ish wouldn’t have his 200-ton Master’s ticket, and be sailing between Palma and Italy. Wouldn’t have…..  lots of things. Possibly wouldn’t be living sustainably (as possible) and off-grid, either.

Thanks Arthur Ransome. I owe you one….


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