Blowin in the wind

Interesting day yesterday. Out in my grunds at daybreak, tying things down. Solar panel rocking, big catamaran came off it’s mounts (no damage), Taipan lost it’s gull-wing doors, 2 trees down on the drive, and a capping torn off the eaves. Jennies truck-canopy glasshouse flew over the garden, into the trees. Zeb’s kennel roof took off too. Still, nothing real.

I looked around, and said to myself ‘100 miles an hour’. I’ve been in a couple. The speed at Swampy (clearly vis from here, same aspect and not that much higher) was 150 kph.  We agree.

By afternoon, nothing. Sunny and surreal. Funny old world.

One Response

  1. It was pretty horrendous, wasn’t it? We were lucky that a small tree on the boundary, and the chook dome, blown away chookless with two broken bamboo struts were our only casualties.

    Graeme the bus reckons it was the worst one he has ever driven in (over Mt Cargill), and the line of snapped eucalypts on the Northern Motorway attests to that.

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