time for an update

Too busy, lately. We had a few trees to turn into firewood, which took Jennie and I a couple of solid days. We’ve planted macrocarpas in place of the downed eucs, more likely to stay anchored. That was the strongest NW I can remember,  at least for 20 years. We get stronger from the SW, but. Generally, it is reasonable to assume that warmer oceans will mean more heat in the game, and therefore more intense events. I’m thinking in terms of resilience here – strong fences, braced buildings……

The windmill is back up – the one I built Jennie (it’s a miniature Hayes) for her B’day. It blew over a while back, spinning as it went down, bent blades in all directions. It survived this last blow – which bodes well. It’s one of the animated things hereabouts, and we’d missed it. Part of the patina…

Had a good sail on Sunday – was forecast to be strong, so I was keen. It wasn’t quite that, but Ug called it for the ‘Round the Bays’ course, and I finished near the front, having started in the 4th start (15 minutes behind). I was flying across the cross-ditch. Broke the tiller-extension (2nd time in a year) and had to sit aft for the last bit, still, all good. You gotta be in to enjoy.

Having plucked and cooked one of the new roosters, we decided they were too scrawny to bother, and we just knocked the other three on the head. Sad, but that’s life in the chicken-house. Even then, we think one of the newbies is a rooster. Ah well, at least Kong is looking more in control of his fleet.

Currently, it’s strong NW again, with a snow forecast. Ah well, we’re more resilient than we were…..


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