quick update – Whitehead Treasury, RNZ Nine to Noon, Laidlaw, Hill, Morning Rep.

I’m a bit busy this week, a  pity, as there are some great bits of journalism to discuss. Kim Hill did well with Hansen, much better than she did with Suzuki. I got the feeling she was in denial with Suzuki – not so with Hansen. Laidlaw interviewed someone I’ve never heard of, read or seen before, one Michael C Ruppert. I’m told he’s a ‘nutter’ in terms of his predictions – can’t comment. Nor do I do conspiracy theories – things either is, or they isn’t.

He had the clearest explanation of oil, gaussian curves, ERoEI, export land, and all the stuff folk like me soak up – that I’ve yet heard on air. Predictable reactions involving calling it ‘crap’. I had to laugh last night – Hugh P (at interest.co.nz) was calling me Malthusian, then declaring “now back to the real world……….of optimists and doers”. 

Says it all, really. Optimism is real, and the real can be dismissed with a derogatory put-down?  No wonder we are in trouble.

Then Nine-to-Noon – which I’ve despaired of at times, so accepting of growth is she – did a reasonable job with Fatih Birol. She didn’t quite nail it, but he let enough out for smart listeners to join the dots. They’d “just been extrapolating”, he said, re denying Peak Oil till 4 years after the event, and he mentioned more than once, the correlation between energy, and the ‘fragile economic recovery’.

A smarted interviewer, would have taken his claimed ’95 mbpd at 2030, from 88 now, worked the percentage, then overlaid the 4% growth (Bill English) or the 5% (David Cunliffe) over same. A 17 year doubling time (2028, then) and a 14 year doubling-time (2025). Doubling activity while energy input only goes up by 10% give-or-take?

Needs a lot of efficiencies, or a new source, seems to me!

The best of the lot, though, was on Morning Report this (Thurs) morning, the interview with John Whitehead. He of Treasury. Here’s a quote:

“You don’t want to use up all your resources, so that your children and grandchildren don’t have any”.

Well said, that man. Well and truly said.

Better get busy, more later….

PS – We have to add Jim Mora to the ‘applaud’ list. He let some fellow who’s name I can’t remember (and I ain’t about to podcast on a land-line like ours) have his head, re what was essentially the Whitehead/Treasury message, and the same as this:


Thanks to Amanda and Bernard – I had to put my head down today and write – they were a good break from time to time, and it was good fun.

PPS – And Bryan Crump hosted a wee bit on Fracking. Not much, but all in all, well done RNZ. I see that the Nine to Noon Birol interview was even mentioned on ‘The Oil Drum.


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  1. Re Ruppert, surprised you haven’t heard of him, he’s pretty prominent in the Peak Oil community — probably as well known as Richard Heinberg, if not more so.

    You should check out the recent documentary about him, “Collapse”:


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