Interesting – on energy return (via RNZ Afternoons/Easter Island)

I came across this, while investigating Carl Lipo, after Mora interviewed him on Afternoons.

an excerpt:

“Lots of things naturally show diminishing marginal gains.  Imagine foraging for berries in a blueberry bush when you’re really hungry.  When you arrive at the bush (i.e., ‘the patch’), your rate of energy gain is very high. You’re gobbling berries about as fast as you can move your hands from the bush to your mouth. But after you’ve been there a while, your rate of consumption starts to slow down.  You’re depleting the bush.  It takes longer to pick the berries because you have to reach into the interior of the bush or go around the other side or get down on the ground to get the low-hanging berries.


Chances are, there’s going to come a point where you don’t think it’s worth the effort any more.  ”

Mora missed the energy thing, and the ‘limits to growth’ thing. Or maybe he was just addressing the populist (statues) thing. I suspect that, instinctively he was gleefully putting the Diamond Collapse ogre down. It doesn’t matter, interestingly: the ‘Steady State’ population as per Lipo, is absolutely a population living within it’s resource means. Indeed, a canoe-less (via treeless) society cannot escape doing just that. They are limited by energy-gain gotten.

Mora, had he been onto that, could have asked who gathered the food (energy) while the 600 statues were being rocked the kilometres they travelled. That would have been the real question: Eroei. Energy Return on Energy Invested.

Something the above (referenced) blog, addresses very well.


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