Truth – purveyance of

I’ve long come to the conclusion that our species will not address the issues before it. It will deny, obfuscate and mangle the science (as with Climate Change) until it convinces itself that no action need be taken. It would be blindingly obvious, if the investigative media was doing its work, who was instigating, driving and funding the aforesaid. That is missed. Also missed, is the enormous lead-times required to deal with these global problems, and the point that you have to be precautionary – that it’s Russian roulette with the planet – or sooner or later, one will be a live shell. From which there will be no way back.

Don’t expect the media to tell you this.

I’ve tried – privately, not lambasting in the public arena – to get these folk to get informed. (Better mention here, that I’m a National Radio listener, an ODT reader, and I go online for the Huffpost, Age, Washington post, and so on. I don’t do television, commercial radio, or tabloids. Once, I bought the Sunday Star Times, not since the recent changes. Once, I bought the Listener – now only after a skim, and rarely).

The ODT, in my opinion, has an endemic bias, which precludes it purveying the truth. I’ve hassled the editor about it, and a few of the reporting fraternity, at various levels. Suggested where the information could be gleaned. That had an interesting response – on senior (on being pointed at a lecture I thought might fill in his gaps) said he might send a reporter……another said “no doubt, all will be revealed”  – it wasn’t, he didn’t go. Nor did I expect it.

We do get it in Op/ed’s – which is good, but the reporters drop the lot, or it is gate-kept.

I’m talking, oddly enough, about science. Fact. The real. Truth. All words I’ve used trying to get them to get researched. I’ve even offered several – recently Chris Morris – that I’m happy to bring them up to speed. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Ironically, a couple of days after I made a comment to their online issue (the third such, and the third abridged – I’ve taken to saving the sent message, anticipating this 100% inability to accept criticism – I would have no trouble with an explanation for actions, a defense of the statement, or a reasoned rebuttal) the published a good Op/ed on the subject. It’s dry, but worth the read – google ODT online, then go to ‘Opinions’, then The Science of World Affairs’ by one Daryl Copeland.

Here’s an excerpt: “At  its best, science be seen to represent the closest thing we have to universality, and perhaps even truth”.

Why he bothered with perhaps, I don’t know.

Here’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:   “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Here’s the unabridged comment I sent re a recent ODT Editorial: 

“The city needs inward investment to broaden and underpin economic activity and hence growth: it should seize every opportunity”.

The above in simply not true, and indicates an Editorial failure, at Editor level. Interestingly, he has been told of this, privately (my aim being to change the nonsense by getting reporters informed – much the best outcome) but has insisted, apparently, on chosen ignorance.

Growth is exponential, economic activity is work, and requiring of energy. If allowed unchecked, you end up with a debt you cannot repay, and an infrastructure you cannot maintain.Have you ascertained the point at which these happen?

Sure, an Editorial is an ‘opinion’, and sure, scribes take turns. But – there should be a vetting system in place, to ensure such nonsense doesn’t make it to print.

Who’s the ideologue? Or is it endemic? Was it that same who shrieked “they are not, they are luxuries” re DCC studies into Peak Oil? (What should governance be about – planning for the past, perchance?)

Or is there multiple rot in the State of Denmark?

See the ODT for the truncated version. They are not my primary target, I bear them no ill-will, but if they persist in gatekeeping information, and neither investigating nor rebutting what they’re given, then they leave the door wide open to being labelled propagandists.

There is a precedent.

A good read – and I hadn’t bothered investigating the media until I tried to tell, and realised it wasn’t going to happen – is “Insanity Fair” by Douglas Reed. It’s a 1938 book, Pub Jonathan Cape – well worth getting a copy. It’s all there – the “No, no, it can’t be happening, old boy, too dashed inconvenient” Editors, the bee-hum of the unknowing public, the frustration of a big-picture scribe who sees – clearly – what is coming, and tries to warn…….

These folk won’t get there. For the record, ‘there’ is the fact that energy underwrites everything (no exceptions), that that energy is currently fossil fuels (the key word being ‘fossil’) and the little bit of physics that says that if you’re using all you can pump, full-noise, just to maintain Business as Usual, then whatever you attempt to morph to, has to displace some present activity (take it’s energy, in other words). Here at the top of the Gaussian curve (the wot?) you can’t have ‘economic growth’ nor even real growth, and also have a morph. Nor have you got anything left over to address breakdowns in the system – climate change, pollution, depletion….

So touting growth, unchallenged/unqualified, is essentially to purvey porkies, to regurgitate the unprovable.

To lie, when you get right down to it.  I look forward to being proven wrong, either by way of a reasoned rebuttal, or by way of them raising their game. As I said, it’s not personal. I was just travelling down a path, and found a gate.Locked. I’m attempting to open it, then I’ll either go on, or (hopefully) won’t have to.




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  1. The media has no interest in truth. Their customers are advertisers (not subscribers) and you know what they say – “the customer comes first”.

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