Jane Goodall – stunningly inspirational.

We went to the Jane Goodall lecture last night. 6,7,8, lecture theatres, more than 2000 people. Jennie picked up the Uni’s wee faux-pas – all the seats in the main theatre were taken by University folk – pre release.

There must have been some rumbles, as we (in another theatre) were asked to stay after, and Jane Goodall would come and answer questions. A sweetener, then.

As to the lecture, though, I can’t remember seeing a more spell-bound audience, nor had my own attention kept so strongly, for so long. She gets it in spades. Everything, including degradation, pollution, population…….

I think the thing I noticed most, was that she uses the Ghandi/Mandela/Aung San Suu Kyi approach – so different from muggins…..

Stunning, it was. Good questions later, particularly on re Jared Diamond……..


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