She’s onto it.

and she even uses my language:

The government and the media have not been telling us the truth, in several respects:

And ain’t that the truth……


2 Responses

  1. Hello Murray. I often read your comment in the Lifestyle Block magazine, and I enjoy your thoughts and opinions.

    Someone recently passed this article on to me (also written by a Kiwi), as something of a ‘counter’ to my green-leaning tendencies. I wondered, given your interest in Peak Oil, if you’d come across it, and if you’d be willing to offer me a few thoughts to consider. I’m rather suspicious of it, but I need at this stage to rely on informed others to help me decode this stuff.

    • Steve – abiotic oil is a ‘theory’ that’s been around a long time, with no traction that I can see.
      It doesn’t show up in known reserves, all of which have been found using accepted geology. We are now into deep-water drilling, shale and tar-sands, and gas/coal-to-oil, all of which suggest it is a chimera.
      If there is a molecule every few centimetres, 10,000 ft down, then the energy required to obtain it, far outweighs the energy it would return in the burning. Given that energy is all it is, that game is never going to be worth the candle.
      I think it’s a humbug, and I think it is coming from a source that is already humbugging.

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