English, Joyce, infrastructure resiliency vs ideology.

So, we have ‘The Final Countdown’ playing softly in the background. Wheel out the dinosaurs. Add the spin.


This is an ideologically-loaded bunch. There will only be one outcome – more infrastructure sprawling across the land, with less cognisance of impact (be it via a watering-down of the RMA, or a silencing of the critics, or a privatising of the commons).


English mentioned (and interestingly, only Nat Radio seem to have picked up on it) resiliency. He’s talking of earthquakes, of course, but when you open that Pandora’s Box, you let out Peak Oil too. I sense a step-change, alright – but not the one Key had in mind. They’re heading down the track of triage-of-existing, aka Cuba – whether it’s being announced as such or not. Indeed, wehether they realise it or not.

There will be no ‘second crossing by 2030’ – the Krumdiek report to the DCC tells us why, as does the Parliamentary report:


Interesting times. I’ll elaborate more if the weather turns to custard. Too much to do outside…..


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