IEA vs World3 todays think-maker

an excerpt:

I believe the IEA model has very high precision in many of its formulas, but a lot of it is rendered invalid because they are not taking into account major factors that will affect in a big way the results. My favourite example is the fact that they think of economic growth as a given, coming out of the blue, when economic growth depends very much on availability of energy (heavily affected by availability of fossil fuels) and availability of food (heavily affected by climate change, that depends on the amount of fossil fuels burnt). World3-Energy instead calculates economic growth from its internal variables, by adding up food, industrial output and services output”.

What I find interesting, is the comments below it, particularly ‘Rockman’, and the classic example of a dollar-fixated (read: convention economics type) persona lower down. Her own links to earlier stuff are worth following up too.


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