The archdruid – in fine form

It’s long, but vintage.

An excerpt:

We are all going to be poor in the decades and centuries to come. Yes, I’m including today’s rich in that; the stark folly that leads today’s privileged classes to think they can prosper while gutting the society that alone guarantees them their wealth and status is nothing new, and will bring about the usual consequences in due time. Voluntarily embracing poverty in advance may seem like a strange tactic to take, at a time when a great many people will be clinging to every scrap of claim to the fading wealth of the industrial age, but it has certain important advantages. First, it offers a chance to get competent at getting by on less before sheer necessity forces the issue;


One Response

  1. Have been alerted to your blog by my partner, a Kiwi ex-pat. You are so right. We have been sold the line via advertising and the media that having more will make us happier and more worthy people. Of, course, it doesn’t. What you predict may happen slowly, but it will happen. It doesn’t matter how much we philosophise – there are limits. Of course, humans are very adept at any numberof defenses against these realities: denial being one of the most popular and most effective. The financial crisis is just the beginning. The consequences of global heating will be next.

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