Jacqui Dean – maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed?

Jacqui Deans – a National Party list MP, came to talk to the Energy Studies EMAN series yesterday. That was brave, I’ll give her that.

It was a vetted-for-sure script she read from. One of those which cleverly gives no openings, sounds logical, and placates (their RMA reforms are apparently for the good of the environment).

Interestingly, where the scientific/professional/professorial types tend to take an hour – and clearly have left out stuff they wished to get across – she was all over in 40 mins.

Q&A was interesting. She dealt well enough with what was essentially a smart and hostile audience – but no politician should tout growth without understanding doubling-time. She either didn’t, or pretended not to. I suspect the former.

In the end, she just looked to me like a fundie christian – I believe this this and this, and nothing you say will make me change. I believe the free market coupled with everlasting growth will make us all richer, and we don’t need ‘the environment’, it can be fenced off in little representative pockets. Somewhat reminiscent of Reagan’s ‘a tree is a tree is a tree – how many do you need?

We didn’t really get round to Hubbert, and I doubt she’d know a gaussian curve it it hit her square-on (I’ve mentioned these both more than once on the Homepaddock blog – and an astute pollie would have read, then done their homework. No intellectual stone should be unturned, if you set out to be informed.

I don’t think she’s capable of much original thought, and suspect she has no desire to examine anything which may upset her pretty little picture. Heck – I seriously suspect she’s not read the Clint Smith Parliamentary Report into Peal Oil. I didn’t get to ask whether she had – it was time to let the youngies have a go. Probably even if she had, she wouldn’t have understood, or maybe it would be a case of belief trumps inconvenient truth.

Either way, probably not the sharpest tool in the shed, and an absolute zero in terms of future usefulness. Just my humble opinion.

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  1. She is the electorate MP for Waitaki… but not for much longer…

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