Otago Chamber of Commerce

Substitute headline: If I continue not to know, I can continue to pretend.


I went along to the ‘business’ version of the Nicole Foss presentation, kindly hosted by the Otago Chamber of Commerce. Very quickly, it became apparent that the folk who should have been there, weren’t. This mirrors those posters on Interest.co.nz, whom I accuse of the same head-in-the-sand-ness. It also reflects – spot the common denominator – the lack of presentation, discussion (indeed, from my real-time experience, the repression) from the ODT.

The presentation was quicker-fire than the ‘public’ version, skimped the ‘what to do in light of the above’ part, but still took an hour. There aren’t many who can can speak without hesitation, or um or ahhh, for an hour, and keep a business crowd slack-jawed. Interesting to note that nobody had a credible knock-it-down question afterwards.

It brings the Government and DCC looks of panic into perspective. It would be very interesting to know which Councillors attended her DCC presentation; I suspect the list of absentees will overlay the list of those who voted for the Stadium, 100%. Which would bear out my ‘head-in-the-sand comment above.


Nicole Foss – an evening with

We had Nicole Foss (of The Automatic Earth), in Waitati last night. The format was her talking for an hour, three of us locals for a few minutes each, then a Q&A,inevitably mostly aimed at Nicole.

My thoughts? I didn’t learn anything new, but I’ve seldom seen it put so clearly, so sequentially/logically. She doesn’t eye the audience, sort of cock her head and looks off to one side a little; maybe that’s a Canadian style. It was a fine spiel for Watatians – this was the home of Mushroom Magazine, after all, and is a Transition Town, winth an Energy Project. Not your average audience – well down the track themselves. For newbies, it might be too long, and this was her ‘short version! Continue reading

DCC, ORFU, ODT and Alan Parsons

This has been going round in my head this morning – something I used to hang-glide to, on my Sony walkman brick, back about 1980.

What goes up, must come down
What must rise, must fall
And what goes on in your life
Is writing on the wall
If all things must fall
Why build a miracle at all
If all things must pass
Even a miracle won’t last
What goes up, must come down
What must stand alone?
And what goes on, in your mind
Is turning into stone
If all things must fall
Why build a miracle at all
If all things must pass
Even a pyramid won’t last

How can you be so sure?
How do you know what the earth will endure?
How can you be so sure?
That the wonders you’ve made in you life
Will be seen
By the millions who’ll follow to visit the site
Of your dream?

What goes up, must come down
What goes round, must come round
What’s been lost, must be found

Why?  I regard the Dunedin Stadium as a pyramid. A total monument to arrogance and ignorance. Bread and circuses, followed by the fiddling and the burning.

The DCC were in an impossible spot last night. That was blackmail, simply the debt without the ORFU being there, outweighing the debt with then still there.

It was well foretold, but not that the readers of our local rag would know. 6 years of total refusal to publish, is how I see it. Sure, I snuck a couple of op-ed’s in, but the reportage (or at least, that which has seen the light of day) is nil.

This saga will continue on, until we collectively realise that it is a symptom of something else, and the previous post (below) is a good appraisal of that underlying ‘something else’. Does it matter? Perhaps not. Debt-forgivemess must cascade at some point, there’s no way the growth in expectation can be underwrit, and it’ll shake global finance as we knew it, to the core. Maybe it’ll get lost as the wave breaks.

What was lost, was the opportunity to apply that (Stadium-building) sort of effort into putting a low-lying City on a sustainable footing.

That, I regard as a criminal failure. So we have blackmail, following false-pretences, I would argue we have theft, and we have failure to inform. The first, can’t happen without the last. Food for thought, media?

The Problem well put. (HT Scarfie from Interest.co.nz)


a taste:

I’m going to spend the time today talking about some pretty basic stuff, but it’s material that none of our politicians seem to want to cover, and none of our wonderful mainstream media wants to pay attention to either.

Good start, eh? Then:

This is where the “MMT” clowncar brigade goes off the rails.  They try to claim that government borrowing is somehow “special.”  They’re wrong, because all units of credit and currency are fungible — once they get into the economy exactly how they got there is of no consequence at all.


There is a limit to this stupidity, and we’re there.

Touche. Great piece, good read.

Back in bizzo

It’s time.

As most folk reading this will know, we went sailing the Pacific in October/November/December last year. Getting back, there was much to be done, and I must admit to a certain remoteness of perspective, relative importances, something like that.Now, though, I’m needing to comment again. Too many not addressing too much, too much happening, too much needing debated.

For the record, the trip was a great experience. I was in my element, and they ended up calling me MacGuyver. Jennie was a bit more out of her comfort zone, and had a harder time of it, but has come back a better sailor. Since being back, we’ve got back into Wwooffing, which is great fun. There are a lot of youngies out there who ‘get it’, and it’s great debating with them.

The NZ media, continue dragging their feet – and that’s probably the reason I’m back tapping away. This may be the year I take the gloves off. Time they did some real thinking about ‘investigative’, ‘truth’, and how they indulge in peer-review.

Projects?  Of course there are projects. The glasshouse has exceeded our expectations, it’s a jungle in there, so another is on the cards. So too, is a bath-house for Dad’s old spa-pool, and an HPV pedal-operated boat. On the back burner, are new hulls for the Paper Tiger (not enough racing in-class to warrant the effort) and a Star (penny-farthing with the wee wheel in front) replica (we’ve got too many bikes, not used enough, as it is).

A 100-mm feed to the pelton wheel is well under way, and we are going to make some polygal inserts for the single-glazing this winter. Not that we ever stop doing things to the house, or the systems!

Look for some grumpy spleen-venting posts, and I hope some supporting ones as well. I’m back in bizzo. Pix below are a selection (from 8-gig!) from the trip.