Back in bizzo

It’s time.

As most folk reading this will know, we went sailing the Pacific in October/November/December last year. Getting back, there was much to be done, and I must admit to a certain remoteness of perspective, relative importances, something like that.Now, though, I’m needing to comment again. Too many not addressing too much, too much happening, too much needing debated.

For the record, the trip was a great experience. I was in my element, and they ended up calling me MacGuyver. Jennie was a bit more out of her comfort zone, and had a harder time of it, but has come back a better sailor. Since being back, we’ve got back into Wwooffing, which is great fun. There are a lot of youngies out there who ‘get it’, and it’s great debating with them.

The NZ media, continue dragging their feet – and that’s probably the reason I’m back tapping away. This may be the year I take the gloves off. Time they did some real thinking about ‘investigative’, ‘truth’, and how they indulge in peer-review.

Projects?  Of course there are projects. The glasshouse has exceeded our expectations, it’s a jungle in there, so another is on the cards. So too, is a bath-house for Dad’s old spa-pool, and an HPV pedal-operated boat. On the back burner, are new hulls for the Paper Tiger (not enough racing in-class to warrant the effort) and a Star (penny-farthing with the wee wheel in front) replica (we’ve got too many bikes, not used enough, as it is).

A 100-mm feed to the pelton wheel is well under way, and we are going to make some polygal inserts for the single-glazing this winter. Not that we ever stop doing things to the house, or the systems!

Look for some grumpy spleen-venting posts, and I hope some supporting ones as well. I’m back in bizzo. Pix below are a selection (from 8-gig!) from the trip.

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