Nicole Foss – an evening with

We had Nicole Foss (of The Automatic Earth), in Waitati last night. The format was her talking for an hour, three of us locals for a few minutes each, then a Q&A,inevitably mostly aimed at Nicole.

My thoughts? I didn’t learn anything new, but I’ve seldom seen it put so clearly, so sequentially/logically. She doesn’t eye the audience, sort of cock her head and looks off to one side a little; maybe that’s a Canadian style. It was a fine spiel for Watatians – this was the home of Mushroom Magazine, after all, and is a Transition Town, winth an Energy Project. Not your average audience – well down the track themselves. For newbies, it might be too long, and this was her ‘short version!


She explained the global growth in debt, the growth of expectations of ‘value’ of assets (like housing) and the inevitability of that imploding/regressing, very clearly. I suspect she’s right in that a fiscal collapse will precede the energy-induced one, as far as cognitive impacts on the masses go, but she did, rightly, address the inevitability of resource depletion, energy included.


We all trotted off the PJ&Jen’s, for a wee nightcap, a good way to round it off. Go see her if you get the chance. It puts things in perspective, and gives a good sense of the urgency needed. It also makes a useful backgrounder to Nick Smith’s Local Government paw-swipe.


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