Otago Chamber of Commerce

Substitute headline: If I continue not to know, I can continue to pretend.


I went along to the ‘business’ version of the Nicole Foss presentation, kindly hosted by the Otago Chamber of Commerce. Very quickly, it became apparent that the folk who should have been there, weren’t. This mirrors those posters on Interest.co.nz, whom I accuse of the same head-in-the-sand-ness. It also reflects – spot the common denominator – the lack of presentation, discussion (indeed, from my real-time experience, the repression) from the ODT.

The presentation was quicker-fire than the ‘public’ version, skimped the ‘what to do in light of the above’ part, but still took an hour. There aren’t many who can can speak without hesitation, or um or ahhh, for an hour, and keep a business crowd slack-jawed. Interesting to note that nobody had a credible knock-it-down question afterwards.

It brings the Government and DCC looks of panic into perspective. It would be very interesting to know which Councillors attended her DCC presentation; I suspect the list of absentees will overlay the list of those who voted for the Stadium, 100%. Which would bear out my ‘head-in-the-sand comment above.


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