Clare Curran – and the wasting of time.

I had a wee interchange with Clare Curran over the weekend. T’was at Mum’s 80th, and Mum has long been a Labour stalwart. They were an inevitable outcome of the top-hat vs Dickensian urchin, were Labour. ‘Please sir, I want some more’, politically expressed.


That’s an argument about who gets what share of the cake – a rapidly-becoming-irrelevant approach given that we are half-way through the cake, and hungrier than ever.


She is – probably – genuine, in my humble opinion, but if so, has no idea at all, of what is coming. Did she read the Parliamentary report into Peak Oil? Probably not. Did she get along to listen to Nicole Foss? Probably not. So she thinks (?) that we should allow some of the planets’ disadvantaged here, to “share what we have” (her words). Can’t she see that what we have, is courtesy of less people per resource? That if we dilute the ratio, we won’t ‘have’ that standard anymore?


I told her that if Labour didn’t address the Limits to Growth issues, address real sustainability, and stop spewing rhetoric about ‘economic growth’, they were a waste of time, and it would be better if they got out of the way.


I don’t expect her to either do her homework, nor to change her stance – which begs the bigger question: How can folk put themselves up to be leaders of society, boldly taking us into the future, if they don’t/won’t ascertain what the future will be, before stepping forward?  I can’t see it being anything other than arrogance, ignorance, or a combo. Sure, we are all born with what we have, cranially, but this isn’t rocket science. This is 3rd Form Science-level stuff.


That said, I see Turei as the same – essentially a socialist, and therefore irrelevant (unless – and it’s a lonely tightrope to walk – she is doing what can be done, while staying populist enough to be elected). To me, that’s a bit like not telling the folk the ship is sinking, while tying on their life-jackets. I think they deserve to know, indeed until they do, they can hardly be expected to build their own liferafts, can they? Currently, Curren thinks it’s a good idea to crowd ’em onto our one.


Better, though, was the fact that a number of the Labourites – the younger echelon – are on my page. We had a good discussion about John Michael Greer (the Archdruid) and sustainability, with them. This suggests that Labout will split at some point: the older, more conservative, Goffier types will slide to where National were 30 years ago (apart from Marilyn Waring, who was streets ahead of them all and is still one of my heroes) and the newer thinking types will have to bite the unpleasant bullet(s). Someone, sooner than later, has to tell the folk how it is. A fireside chat. Sorry folks, but……





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