Better do an Update!

Given the exposure on Jim Mora’s programme yesterday, I thought I’d better do an update.


As far as the family is concerned, Ishmael nowadays is the mate/engineer on a 150-foot super-yacht, which shuttles between the Med and the Caribbean. Jaryd is skydiving in Chch tomorrow, then flying to Rarotonga to join Evohe, trailing the Wakas (google: Ocean, I think). Jennie and I are not long home from doing the Rail Trail (article will be in the Mag about two months hence.


Otherwise, we just watch the slow-motion train-wreck which we have for so long predicted. And still the nonsense comes – Morning Report this morning talking of “plenty of money in Europe”. So help me, when was negative money (debt) ever money? It’s not lies, but it is ignorance. Sigh.


Anyway – it was fun yesterday, looks like a lot of folk enjoyed it. Has to be good.


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