They’ve all gone!

Well, it’s just Zeb and I. And the chickens and goats, of course.

Jennie’s aunt in Australia, was in the terminal stages of cancer, so she booked a fortnight over there. The aunt has just died, so she’ll make the funeral. She follows Ishmael through to airport door – he’s away back and on the job, currently off Spain. Jaryd hopped to Rarotonga, climbd onto Evohe, sailed to Samoa for the celebrations (got to see UB40) and is currently sailing to Fiji. Just Zeb ‘n me, then.

Time to get ahead on the writing projects, methinks. Besides the articles, there’s the possibility of a book, if I can get organized. Something I guess I’ve been heading for since I was about 9. The only diffo would be that I can’t be bothered with fiction these days – I leave that to economists and politicians. And the media.

It’ll be a practical and proactive tome – preaching doom and gloom without providing an answer(s) seem increasingly a waste of time.


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