Dark Sun, George Dibbern, Eileen Morris, Te Rapunga.

I’ve just read Dark Sun (Erika Grundmann, David Ling publishing). What a read, what a man. The sensual part of him reminded me of my thoughts watching David Lewis, years ago. Those wanderers with the faraway eyes sure catch the feminine fancy. Of course, they’re impossible to ‘settle down’ with, so it’s always a case of ‘moving on’.

Some of the women are pretty awesome in their own right, though. Eileen Morris, a young girl from Napier in the conservative ‘Thirties’, stood out in this book, indeed she ended up being my hero of the whole story. She had what it took to go in the first place, against all parental and other advice. Then the staunchness to see it through long-term, the ability to stand by him through 5 years of Soames Island internment, then to have a child by him ‘out of wedlock’ in the ‘Fifties’. That all takes rare courage.

Great read, of of NZ’s best, right up there with Man Alone, in my book. Well done Erika G – she spent 10 years researching it, stunning.


One Response

  1. Thanks for this! Glad you enjoyed the read.
    I agree Eileen was an amazing woman.

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