RNZ Radio New Zealand – growth, truth and lies….

Ah, me. Will we get there?  Not if Morning Report and the News this morning are any indication. Here we are 7 years past the point where we leveled-off in terms of global energy. Sure, we’re still getting more efficient, but an internal combustion engine is what it is –  inefficient. That progression cannot possibly underwrite the ‘wealth’ expectation everyone has, nor can it underwrite future production/consumption of goods/services, on the escalating basis that 3% growth (or any growth) need.


We had French comment, Greek comment, even Aussie comment this morning. Not once was the premise that growth is (a) desirable) and (b) achievable, challenged.


A ‘F’, for you this morning RNZ. It comes after my formal complaint to Morning Report (buck-passed) and Mora’s gaffe, re Powerdown.


If public – not reliant on advertising  – radio can’t ask the hard questions, we aren’t going to have the public debate.


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