Radio New Zealand – if they won’t ask, who will?

The nonsense continues. This morning, we are told that NZ will ‘loan’ the IMF 4? billion dollars. We are in debt, jointly and severally, already. So we will ‘borrow’ the ‘money’ (someone even managed to refer to it as ‘cash’!) from ‘somewhere else. Oh, we’ll expect to be repaid, and with interest, apparently. The only interesting thing here is the amount of ignorance shown by our public – not requiring advertising – media.


We are so far past the real underwrite (of the existing expectation that future goods/services can/will be produced/purchased) that’s it’s a joke – there is NO way back, and by several orders of magnitude.


So we’re borrowing virtual numbers, to underwrite virtual numbers, but relying on real stuff – in increasing quantities – to be available in the future to  underwrite the eventual spending.


A lie, is what they’re reporting. A ponzi – one so massive it makes Madoff pale into insignificance – is what it is.


Truth, is what isn’t being reported. Watch Nine-to Noon – coming up. I’ll blog after it, but I bet she’ll drop the ball. She has been pre-warned, too!


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