Someone on the same page.

here’s a taste:

My point is not that that’s unpleasant, not that it’s bad for biodiversity, which it certainly is, my point is: It’s not possible.

There won’t be enough resources for the economy to grow that much, and, therefore, the economy won’t grow that much. That is actually a very big social crisis because our economic system depends upon growth to sustain employment and social stability and so on. We have to recognize that we have not just an environmental problem but a fundamental human problem.

And another:

The crisis in Europe and the US debt crisis are all part of the same system problem. We are desperate for more growth, so desperate to get the economy moving in terms of consumption of resources that we borrow from the future to make it happen today.

Richard Heinberg wrote a very important book recently called The End of Growth, in which he points out that the economic growth we’re getting today in most Western countries is not real growth. It’s actually debt that governments have borrowed from our children and are spending today to keep economies going.

For those like me, there’s nothing new here. For those who run our politics, our businesses, and even our legal system, there is a lot. Most of them – all of them, are stealing from the future. That’s from folk who haven’t even been born yet. Given the lack of representation, is it more than theft? Is it fraud?  We ‘pay’ a public servant, and even then do it with ‘debt’, then happily let then ‘spend’ that ‘income’ on a portion of the planet. A process we happily let expant exponentially, due to profit and interest. The only way to measure it properly, is to cut out all profit, all interest, and relate transactions to planetary debt (physical) or profit (also physical, but unlikely to the point of being a ‘never-will-happen’. The linch-pin measurement would be energy, on a non-renewable kind. It would be a proximate proxy for all other resources, given that they are not produced without it.

Won’t happen, though. We still have the ignorance of religion, in the USA, the Middle East, everywhere. Given that we haven’t been able to rid society of that nonsense since Galileo and Darwin, we have pigs=own chance of having a first-principles discussion about inter-generational rights to resources. Too selfish, thus too in denial, methinks. Orlov thinks the best thing that can happen, is a fast crash; there will be more to be saved. This article gets the same point – and it’s why I left off environmental rear-guard actions a long time ago. Slowing down the degradation only means it will go further – the Jevons Paradox of all time….


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