Rio – a failure

Here are a couple of comments on what came out of Rio. I can’t put it better, so won’t!

Read ’em both and weep. I long ago realised that fighting environmental action was Horatio going backwards on the bridge. If we didn’t address the big issues, the actions themselves were pointless. This (old, low def but enthralling still) video sets the big scene:

As you get to hear, if we don’t address population and consumption (total and per-head) then it’s a waste of time ‘saving’ anything.  The saver, funnily enough, may well be that the growth-based fiscal system can’t cope with permanent decline (no underwrite of interest and profit) and will crash – taking with it much of the mechanism for ‘growth’. Already we are getting folk commenting that the natural interest rate should be below zero. Interesting times, joke intended…..


One Response

  1. The Gwynne Dyer column at the ODT is right on the mark. Dr Dyer is always worth listening to. Up there with Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman for having his finger on the world’s faintly flickering pulse.

    Pity that most of the people we should be heeding are stuck with preaching to the converted.

    Nobody with any influence takes any heed. If they did nobody would put up with nonsense like the oxymoron “sustainable growth”.

    Some of my family are commited Christians, unlike my heathen self, they’re all a bit smug at the moment figuring that everything that’s happening is what “The Book” foretells. Hard to argue against right now.

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