Nine to Noon – Rates – another reporting failure

There we go. I can’t remember how many times I’ve prodded, and attempted to educate Ms Ryan

But – numerous quotes of percentages, from more than one of those interviewed. Not one was queried, all discussion was as if they (the percentages) were/are linear.

Then there’s the cherry-pick, sequential increase phenomenon, which David Caygill explained unwittingly a while back. When you’ve built closes to the port (or built the dam in the most convenient site) that option is now off the table. Every sequential suburb (or dam) is less desirable, further away, harder to service……………. in a word, more expensive.

Add in the resource-per head depletion, and the increasing consumption per head, and stir in Peak Oil (which she knows about).  Things have to get exponentially more expensive, in comparison to incomes. If you’ve gotten ahead of your ability to buy – by going into debt – then that inability is compounded. Even as you income ability fails, you have to pay more. This is only the beginning – and she is one of our more respected journos; but no idea. No idea at all. When I settle down, I’ll write her a wee piece. She won’t reply, and she won’t change. It’ll still be ‘The Economy’, and…….. never mind. We’re off for a beach walk.  🙂


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  1. Kia ora Murray. Alan Preston here in Mangawhai. I’m the webbie for the Mangawhai Ratepayers and Residents Association
    I’ve just sent this to 9 to Noon ( not speaking on behalf of the committee )

    Kia ora.
    Making ammendments to the Local Government Act will make no difference if the Minister(y) for Local Government continues to refuse to enforce the Act.

    The rates blowout in Kaipara District Council was allowed to occur by the Minister(s) of Local Government despite appeals by the Mangawhai Ratepayers and Residents Association for the Ministry to enforce provisions of the Local Government Act that require our Council to consult with ratepayers – when it was making decisions to increase spending ( from $23 up to $68 million ) for the Eco-Care sewerage reticulation scheme.

    Section 121 of the Local Government Act, removes any liability for debts accrued by Councils and thereby exonerates Central Government of the imperative to enforce the sections of the act that would ensure good governance – i.e. consultation and transparency – effectively facilitating the plundering of public monies by Local Territorial Authority CEOs bypassing principles of good governance.
    121 The Crown not liable for debts

    (1) The Crown is not liable to contribute to the payment of any debts or liabilities of any local authority.

    (2) Subsection (1) does not apply in relation to liability for any sum of a kind described in section 49 of the Public Finance Act 1989.

    Compare: 1974 No 66 s 122ZP(1)
    Section 121(2): amended, on 25 January 2005, by section 37(1) of the Public Finance Amendment Act 2004 (2004 No 11

    Section 39 (b)
    a local authority should ensure that the governance structures and processes are effective, open, and transparent;

    Naku noa na
    Alan Preston

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