Kim Hill – brave. Guy McPherson. Brave too. Radionz Saturday 11.05

Well done Kim Hill. Easily the smartest Journo in the country, and the only one going anywhere near the truth of what is hitting us.

McPherson could be Jennie and I. No difference = or bugger-all – when you work it out. Like Orlov, he understands Jevons:

very well, and suggests that a fast crash will leave more chance for those who follow. Some folk complained that Hill chopped-in too often – but they will be those who understand, and who wanted to listen to one of their own kind. Interviewing – from a basis of ‘extracting the truth’ – needs to ask the hard questions, and attempt the trip-up. His reply re flying (you used fossil fuels to get here) was classic. How can we have a country being removed from the truth (NIWA / Lauder silencing / Steven Joyce / Tertiary ‘funding’) and yet there is the information, on National Radio.

Clearly, the current Govt can’t have such comments going mainstream – imaging the consternation: “You mean my mortgage won’t be repaid, my investments will be worth progressively less, and I won’t get a pension?”  Watch for National Ratio to get knobbled soon. Can’t have this truth stuff getting about, now, can we?


4 Responses

  1. Should we wait for a replay on TVNZ 7 ?

  2. […] The interview with Hill generated blogospheric commentary from three sources: (1) New Zealand’s New Economics Party, (2) Seemorerocks, and (3) Murray’s Blog. […]

  3. great blog piece, very short and to the point. actually makes a few very poignant, succinct points, which i’ll try to highlight in a post to guy mcpherson’s ph.d. blog, nature bats last. thanks much for this. u’re an obviously gifted ally in fighting this lost cost imho. (note: i don’t general classify my opinions because usually they aren’t! (lol). in this case, i’m sincere in this assessment based on just reading this one piece. li’d stick around here longer to check out more of your stuff, but i want to get back to nature bats last, and make that post. i wish u the best in gaining attention and a devoted relatively large following in new zealand, and around the world. i’m surely not the best judge of talent, but i think maybe u can do it. there’s no greater work imo than trying to raise awareness. possibly no less difficult and ultimately dangerous work either, which is why someone who does it as well as guy mcpherson deserves much respect. as do u.

  4. murray grimwood. appropriate sounding last name, given the circumstances. murray, i apologize for the poorly conceived and unedited comment i just posted. truth is, like guy, u are certainly worthy of much more respect than i’m capable of giving. if we lived in a sane, intelligent world, i’m sure u’d get that respect. problem is, intelligence and sanity are relatively scarce commodities. that’s what makes this work so difficult. and of course to do it well, surreally well, is to gain notoriety as a ‘doomer’ which will make u lots of enemies, some powerful and ruthless. just my humble opinion. in closing, let me tell u something i’ve shared with guy. i envy u your talents. clarifying my above crappy post, i’m not the best judge of talent simply because i have relatively little of my own. anyway, once again, great post, in my uncommonly humble opinion.

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