Monbiot got it wrong.

When I read the Monbiot thing;


I shook my head in disbelief. How can folk not see numbers over time? Nobody thought that Peak Oil was the end of oil, nor of fossil fuels – we’ll do ersatz oil from coal until the trading stops, for goodness sake. How can one so capable of words, be so incapable of conceptualization?  Peak Oil is essentially a half-way point, the key element being the maximizing of the flow-rate. Meaning; the maximm amount of work that can be done each hour, day, month or year. There have been some good return-of-service(s) from some:

I can’t add anything to that; except to ask the question: Could it be that brains which can compare relativity and exponential concepts, weren’t needed in the fight/flight stage of evolution, and have survived by chance? That there are a majority who just can’t ‘get’ the exponential function? I would explain the masses who swallow the ‘growth forever’ lie. It would also explain the masses who accept being screwed by interest – to the point where they give (gave; it’s all over, at this point, most mortgages will never be repaid) half their lives to a parasitic ‘bank’.

But Monbiot – who has written some good stuff – misses this one in spades.


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