Local Government – sigh. John Key – sigh. Morning Report – an ‘F’.

The local Government conference is interesting. LG is there at the behest of Central Government, as I learned as a young County Councillor. The problem comes when Central Government, instead of assessing social needs, merely pursues a dogma/mantra, this one being the impossibility of ‘sustainable growth’.  At that point, those who represent people – and Local Government will always be closer to people than Central Government – have to draw a line in the sand.

And they have. Interesting to note that the Minister backpedaled immediately – speaks volumes as to where National are going; backwards.


John Key addressed them, stating that Central Govt has ‘done it’s bit, belt-tightening’, and it’s up to LG to do the same. That’s bloody rich, coming from someone who seeded the Dunedin Stadium with 15 million of taxpayers money, to keep us all in debt to it forever. Presumably he didn’t see it coming. Puts some of us a long way ahead of our leader, and that’s a worry.  🙂

Morning Report ‘covered’ the LG conference this morning. And other things. They’ve had enough info (from me. for one) to know why LG costs will escalate forever from here on: all the work they do requires energy, and all their materials are oil-based. You only have to track the price of oil, to track the rates-increase needed JUST TO MAINTAIN, let alone expand.

No comprende. The last complaing I sent them – it had a lot of references etc, and was an attempt to help them learn –  they duck-shoved to a ‘complaints’ person. No feedback, no change. They didn’t real the stuff I sent. Is it a case of ‘if I don’t know something, I can dodge addressing it’?      What a sad epitaph.

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