Otago Daily Times, RNZ News, Interest.co, and ? Swallowing the spin.

A wee while ago, a fellow named Maugeri, produced a paper. He hides behind the Harvard name, for respectability, but the outfit is a funded think-tank (read, lobby).


What he produced, was immediately rebutted:


But the ODT, RNZnews, and earlier, Interest.co.nz, chose to put it up. I don’t mind Interest.co – they put up other stuff, and allowe a discussion. I do have a problem with RNZ – no need to please sponsors, and an expectation that they will ascertain the truth. The ODT, of course, have a permanent in-build bias you could drive a bus through, and no apparent peer-review mechanism which holds up an internal mirror. They didn’t use the original article, by the way – but a once-removed (fudge) opinion based on same. As per ODT practice (Dene Mackenzie/Peter Mackintyre) the opinion has a statement-of-fact-appearing headline.

It’s not on line on the ODT site, but here it is:


The bio says it all – a spinner regurgitating spin. The difference is that she doesn’t have ‘truth’ in her mission statement.


ps – this is a better treatment. The reporter is smart enough – honest enough? – to be sceptical.


Being an Aussie, he had better realise that ‘electric cars’ are 80% ‘coal cars’, though. You have to remember what makes the electricity….


3 Responses

  1. Hi Murray, Morning report also had the NZ Petroluem association cheerleader with the same spin, you may have heard that too. NZ is a bit behind though- this all came out weeks ago. That Turcotte article is a good read.
    Will you be responding to the ODT article? I had a letter in last week, so wouldn’t be published again so soon I think.

  2. There was a similar article ( same content) with additional comment from the local petroleum (exploration) industry in the Taranaki Daily News this morning.


    I like the (repeated) conflation of peak-oil to ‘the oil is running out’ and then the assertion that the peak oil prediction is wrong

    The last paragraph in the TDailyNews article article is a good ass^b^b^b prediction covering screen as well…..

  3. Interesting – the 2nd link you gave is the same as the first part of the TDN article – the second half refers to ecars vsthe TDN one replacing with local Petroleum industry comment.
    The byline is the same with an additional (presumably more local)

    AT least they’re starting to go green – reuse + recycle (:-)

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