It’s been a while since I blogged here. The object was to change public opinion, or – more precicely – to make the debate happen. That clearly wasn’t happening; the numbers reading here weren’t big enough, and the vast majority (can you have a vast majority of a small number?) were ‘the converted’. Also, I had a ‘libel’ scare, and a couple of odd site-visitations. That goes with the ‘stirrer’ territory, but I’m too old for such nonsense. So I concentrated on commenting on Interest.co.nz, given the bigger exposure, and the fact that Hickey is one of the smarter ones around – more likely to ‘get it’. That has gone as far as it can/will go, and the change of ownership suggest it will revert rather than lead.


So we had a period of strategic thinking, hereabouts,, and sorted out where we want to go. I’m going to take on the media – to the point of unpleasantness if need be – to get the debate out in the open. Listening to Morning Report this morning would be a classic; Nick Smith talking of ‘balance’……… unchallenged as usual. Balance is a series of goal-post-shifts – the moment you have one, you get pressure to move to the next, and the current one is taken as some kind of status-quo, not as the last ‘balance’ point. Nonsense. He also mentioned ‘jobs’, again unchallenged. Presumably, ‘jobs’ mean ‘the ability to buy bits of the planet’, which in turn are delivered by the doing of work, which requires energy. So it’s no good earning ‘money’ is the bits aren’t going to be available in ever-greater quantity. So jobs, unchallenged, is a nonsense subject too.

I’m also going to challenge some public figures, and – given the ruthlessness that goes with power, and the occasional odd visitation this site gets – we have done what we can to protect ourselves. I’ve found a mentor to pass my stuff past before splurging, and so on.

There is a book in the pipeline, which will take a fair chunk of the year – more on that as it evolves. We’re also getting the place sorted to be able to share it with younger folk – particularly for gardening, but also in the longer term, and I’m learning all I can about this kind of sharing.

We are entering an interesting year. The fracking hype is starting to fall to reality (it was always an indication (along with deep-water drilling, shale, tar-sands) that we were getting down to the dregs – you don’t do fracking if the easy stuff still exists) and the Solid Energy debacle is an indication – another one – that money isn’t the driver now that we’re at ‘peak’, but that energy is. No media persona – with the exceptions of Hill and Crump of Nat Radio – are anywhere near getting to that understanding. Morning Report, Ryan, Mora and O’Meara are a mile away, Trevett and co are smart but don’t get it, and the rest are non-starters. Gonna be a long haul.

I’ll put up the odd post here, but we have a new site just about ready to go (will link/redirect when it’s ready). It’ll be in a different form, part of the strategic jam-sessions of the last few months. In between, of course, we have to live. That part hasn’t – and won’t – change. We are both sailing on a hot-shot boat that is pushing our envelope, and the sustainability moves hereabouts are mostly fun, and all satisfying. We managed to get to the Pat Benatar concert too – she can still belt it out, but Bachmann/Turner stole the show. Clapton territory, or maybe even better, they were.

Stay tuned – lets see if we can raise the media to where it needs to be. Have a good year


2 Responses

  1. Good to hear you chime in again. I look forward to watching developments (of all types) in the next year. Good luck with it all.

  2. Murray, I wish you all the best in this work and good luck. Take care!

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