Kim Hill – brave. Guy McPherson. Brave too. Radionz Saturday 11.05

Well done Kim Hill. Easily the smartest Journo in the country, and the only one going anywhere near the truth of what is hitting us.

McPherson could be Jennie and I. No difference = or bugger-all – when you work it out. Like Orlov, he understands Jevons:

very well, and suggests that a fast crash will leave more chance for those who follow. Some folk complained that Hill chopped-in too often – but they will be those who understand, and who wanted to listen to one of their own kind. Interviewing – from a basis of ‘extracting the truth’ – needs to ask the hard questions, and attempt the trip-up. His reply re flying (you used fossil fuels to get here) was classic. How can we have a country being removed from the truth (NIWA / Lauder silencing / Steven Joyce / Tertiary ‘funding’) and yet there is the information, on National Radio.

Clearly, the current Govt can’t have such comments going mainstream – imaging the consternation: “You mean my mortgage won’t be repaid, my investments will be worth progressively less, and I won’t get a pension?”  Watch for National Ratio to get knobbled soon. Can’t have this truth stuff getting about, now, can we?



a grand day out – well, in…..

We had a Sustainable Energy gathering this afternoon. Folk who have been part of Sustainable Living groups, and we had to stop the applications at 25 (house size being the factor!). If there is anything better than talking about what you’re enthusiastic about, to folk eager to listen, I don’t know of it. The last folk left at dusk, and I suspect we’ll see many – most – of them again.

Interestingly, there were fewer folk wanting to look up at the pelton wheel (from underneath) than from other visits. Equally interestingly, the questions were as thoughtful as I’ve ever heard. First time build-energy vs running energy vs demolition energy has been discussed like that.

So – we’re mellow. Good to see the young folk too – thinking before they build. The weather came right (the core temp had been low after a week of shyte) and the house did it’s stuff – passive solar at it’s best. I’d do that every day of the week, if I could. The baking wasn’t half bad, either……   Thank you to everyone who came – we enjoyed it!

this is one of the best yet – Associate Prof George Mobus

Alias ‘Question Everything’

and a little excerpt:

Globalization, in effect the attempt to find low energy demand populations to do the labor, was a response to lowering NEE

It’s long, and needs thinking all the way. But worth it. It puts clearly what I mostly wing with conceptual grasp and instinct.

A grand day out. And in.

A superb day. Started foggy, then a gently NE, then mirror calm, then a wee SW. Took a fellow and one – then two – wee kids out on the Hobie, as part of Sailing School. Steve was out on Hi Jinks, and Anna on Ziggy, but is turned to calm.

Got home in time for the Sustainability crowd visit. They came from Palmerston, Waikouaiti, Waitati, and parts in between. Ostensibly, they were here for ‘Solar dehydrating, and de-cluttering’ (my reply to – as in I’m a collector). As usual, the talk ranged from here to there and back again. Tractors, bikes, a visit to the pelton wheel, discussions of generators, flow, gravity, water-tanks, voltages, sheep species, building, solar…….

Just the usual stuff. They left around 5, and I got to the bottom of the charging issue: silt build-up in the line. We’ve had an unusual amount of rain lately, much erosion uphill of us. Gave it a few minutes to blast itself clear (literally) and got the good old ‘hum’ back. Must get the new intake (big stainless stilling-well, big coarse filter, smaller secondary, drain outlet on the stilling well) sorted and installed.

Will sleep well.

we LIKE this one, we do

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Alternatives to Absurdity

an excerpt:

“Given that the laws of nature are under no compulsion to provide humanity with the kind of energy supplies that the fraction of humanity currently living in industrial societies seem to think they are entitled to get,

my reply to Neville Bennett – see the thread at

the url for the thread is:

He’s a nice chap, is Neville, good hearted, all that. He just thinks like an economist……but he’s closer to it getting it than most.

My comment:

Neville – a home is a home. Thinking of it as an investment, is what has gotten us into this jam in the first place. You’re ‘richer’ than half the folk on the planet – cracked bearer or not. Bulldust aside – I could fix that in a short morning with a long coffee break. It’s the attitude that thinks of them as ‘investments’, that outlaws you doing it yourself now. For nothing. A society hoist with it’s own petard. Continue reading

the Archdruid has his moments – this is one of them……

an excerpt:

One way or another, though, whatever income my readers happen to have coming their way in the months and years ahead is likely to buy quite a bit less energy than the same amount of money buys at present. That makes finding ways to make less energy do more work crucial just now – and that, in turn, leads to windows.

That man talketh my language…..